Free Download—First Five Chapters of We Were Like Sons!

Good evening friends.

As you know, tomorrow the We Were Like Sons Kickstarter will be in full swing.


But tonight, I’m writing to let you know that you can download the first five chapters for free! It’s just something I’m doing for those of you on my email list and who follow my blog. But, by all means, I’d encourage you to send and resend this excerpt to as many friends of yours as you like. It is formatted so that you can download and read it on your phones, tablets, and computers. I hope it gets you excited and ready to read more. Cheers!

We Were Like Sons—Chapters 1-5

We Were Like Sons—Chapters 1-5


How The Weighty May Fall

Click here to download “How The Weighty May Fall” for free. Be sure to share with your friends!

A teamster at Kern River field on the east side of the valley at the turn of the century getting ready to haul a tank of oil into Bakersfield, CA. (photo courtesy of

How the Weighty May Fall

by Aaron M. Green

“I’m a lifelong parishioner, and I’ve always tithed. Always, Reverend. Why would anyone who says they’re dedicated to the mission of the church not give to help her? I’ve never understood these newer people who’ve been coming here over the years,” Jerry said. He leaned forward to speak more quietly. “You know, the migrants who come to eat our food, listen to our sermons and take our communion all without giving to help the ministry.” Continue reading How The Weighty May Fall