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Apoplectic: Intense enough to threaten or cause a stroke [Tactile Tuesday]


1. Intense enough to threaten or cause a stroke.

2. Of or pertaining to apoplexy.


“When Abie used to shout, Rebecca always used to make a joke that he was having one of his apoplectic fits.” — Alan Grayson, Mile End

“Some on Wall Street are apoplectic at the mention of such financial struggles.”


     The crowd of tourists gazed across the open chasm of what remained. Many parents were not aware or ready for what they saw, and they swiftly reached for their children’s heads to cover their eyes. The guide, until this point, was cool, relaxed. Now he was dumbfounded and frozen.

     The chasm occupied close to a square mile. Trees calmly surrounded its edges, and the sun shone everywhere that they did not cover. Embankments made of dirt and blasted concrete poured downward to the basin of the chasm, which was generally flat with the exception of where it happened. That area was ravaged and ripped apart. 

     One woman in the group of tourists made a frightened remark about being terrified, and a man, perhaps her husband, placed his hand on her shoulder and said that he agreed and that they were furious. 

     I watched our guide. The newness of the event was enough to make him apoplectic. He did not speak, and ironically, I wondered if he would be of anymore use to us now that we had all seen this. Now, we would be each other’s guides, as well as his.

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