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Ostrich—free download

Here’s my latest downloadable. It’s a fictional piece called “Ostrich” and is in no way based upon my life. At least I’d like to think not 😀  Please freely distribute to any and all who may enjoy (it’s eReader friendly). I’d love to hear what you think.  

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Years of Potential—free download

Hi friends, it’s been a little while, I know. Lately, I’ve been hard at work getting We Were Like Sons published, but in my down time I’ve been plugging away at my fiction. Years of Potential is my latest story. Please freely download and distribute to all who may enjoy (it’s eReader

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How The Weighty May Fall

How the Weighty May Fall by Aaron M. Green “I’m a lifelong parishioner, and I’ve always tithed. Always, Reverend. Why would anyone who says they’re dedicated to the mission of the church not give to help her? I’ve never understood these newer people who’ve been


Degenerative Disc Disease

“Well, doctor, I think you lied to me,” she said, the quality of her voice slightly altered by the subtle sandpaper tone of the telephone. Dr. Leroy Church was just closing his office when Patty Hanks called. The sun had been on its way toward


The Miler

This second-person short is dedicated to my old running coach, Jeremy Mattern, a man who believed one school’s program could be great and has been making it such for almost fifteen years. You’re an animal, J-town.    It starts in the chest. It swirls around the abdomen,

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Readable Music: Guitar

The guitar. Steel strings, vibrato. They clang, the player moving up the neck, the steel sounding more and more like tin. Melodies, making their way into the room. A captive audience, nothing moves. The player on his stool, the stage with a microphone, an unoccupied set