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You Inheritors

“You Inheritors”

Here is a piece I wrote for LOVE NAIL TREE during the spring of 2013. It was originally published here. Rebecca finds her mother in tears. They live in a tiny apartment where they eat rice, beans, and week-old bread for dinner most nights. Rebecca

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“We’re finally vacationing,” Mother said while drying off another dish. “It’ll be nice. A fresh break. We need those. Everybody does but especially us.” Father was standing there, his right arm propping his body up against the counter. He looked calm, like it might not have

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TABERNAS – part one

Steven ran quickly, making his steps nimble and quiet. He clutched the bag in his left hand and used his right to peel through the brush along the slope leading down and away from the buildings above. His mind was clear and his body moved steadily, like

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Across an old oak table, over coffee and cakes with legs crossed and eyes throwing back laughter like old friends, I know I have come to his home at last and at least, alive. But, as I gaze around the room I see, upon walls firmly