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The Miler

This second-person short is dedicated to my old running coach, Jeremy Mattern, a man who believed one school’s program could be great and has been making it such for almost fifteen years. You’re an animal, J-town.    It starts in the chest. It swirls around the abdomen,


You May Forget You’re Reading Now

Here’s another Write Practice exercise played out. It comes from Thursday’s prompt about reasons why writers might seek validation. Frankly, I didn’t identify too much with points two and three, but I did enjoy the prompt: For the next fifteen minutes, describe the scene when

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“We’re finally vacationing,” Mother said while drying off another dish. “It’ll be nice. A fresh break. We need those. Everybody does but especially us.” Father was standing there, his right arm propping his body up against the counter. He looked calm, like it might not have

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In my first year of college I took a creative writing course. Blindly reaching, I had an inkling that I might enjoy it but had never fully flexed my creative muscles in that way before. Long story short, I enjoyed the course but entirely lacked