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Each Day A Different Kind of Writing

I make no promises other than to say I will try.

No really, I promise I’ll try!

In an effort to “show up daily,” as one of my new favorite writers and bloggers encourages, I have decided to make each day of the week a different kind of post. This, I think, will encourage accountability and creativity.

Aside: when I structure, or “plan,” something in my life I almost always fail to follow through with it. I speak mostly to ambitions I have for myself that (I believe) will make me stronger at something. Music, writing, reading novels, eating healthy, journaling, exercising, taking a picture a day, meeting a new person everyday, etc. Time and again, I fail, and it’s tough not to feel like a basket-case sometimes. I am pretty good about giving myself grace, but even that’s been a failed rhythm in my life. At some point, I realized that planning and structuring weren’t what made sense to me as a person. As much as I believe in making a plan of action, I know that if keeping to my plans are left to me, I will fail. Thus, something needs to change. My entire approach, the roots of the tree I am trying to grow, need to be planted elsewhere.

I need accountability in my writing. As I posted yesterday, one of the things that have made me follow through is telling other people about what I plan to do. This, I am aware, is sort of a weird psychological trick I am playing on myself, but sometimes we need that. Right? Sometimes we need to lead with something other than our own will.

I also need, and crave really, creativity in my writing. As I already mentioned, I believe in plans of action and I know their value, but my strengths reveal I am far more an artist than I am an engineer. I need to keep creativity brewing or I won’t write, or worse, I won’t believe in my writing.

So, here I am. I am writing, with the accountability of the world wide web, and with a creative structure (that I will admit will probably change) that I hope will result in content I am proud of.

Every Monday, I want to share something from a manuscript I am working on (or, “Manuscript Monday”). Every Tuesday will be “Tactile Tuesday” where I plan to share words or poems (spoken-word or otherwise) pregnant with tangibility. Wednesday will be “Words of Others” where I feature something from another blogger or writer whom I love reading. Thursday will be “Theology Thursday” where I flex my heresies, or attempt to correct them. Friday will be a day of “Free-flow” where I write about something on my mind. Saturday and Sunday will either be one or two posts about a “Street Story” of someone I’ve met (be it in LA or elsewhere).

One other thing. We need each other. We need people in our lives. Whether you’re a businessman, an actress, a construction worker, or a scientist, I’d bet you’d have a hard time making a case that you are where you are today without other people. This truth is universal. We need each other. In my daily writing, I need you. I need my friends, my peers, my critics (especially) to cheer me on.

Will you join me?

Tomorrow: Words of Others Wednesday.

Until then, how have you found structuring or planning to be helpful or harmful in your life? How important have other people been in your pursuits? Feel free to share!