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I Don’t Post…But I Know I Probably Should

It has been well over a month since I have done anything on this blog, and believe me, I’m aware. I think about it everyday. I think, “wow, I was so gung-ho about this when I first started. What happened?”

Yeah. Really. What happened?

In a lot of ways, life happened. I got a dog, said goodbye to a roommate, got handed new tasks to start doing at work, etc.

But I also know that any “writer” who is going to call him/herself as such must make the time to write. The truth is that life will never stop getting in the way of what I want to do, which means at some point I will seriously need to evaluate how badly I want to write.

Trust me, though. I want it. Recently, signed up for a short, rather inexpensive course on self-publishing, marketing, and other general writerly things at . I still don’t know if I am in, but if I do get in, I see this as a good kick in the right direction. I will be paying to do it, and because I’m cheap, I know that fact alone will motivate me to write more.

I’ll try to post all of my exercises and findings here on the blog too. I think thats a great place to re-start.

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