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Nubilous: cloudy or foggy; obsure or vague [Tactile Tuesday]


1. cloudy or foggy

2. Obscure or vague; indefinite


1. “…trucks as thick as whisky casks and bark like rough-out leather, tower overhead so that the path between them is sheltered from the sun, creating a nebulous atmosphere, soft and pungent with resins, while soft brown needles cushion one’s tread.”

2. “…trade-wind clouds which are constantly piling up in nubilous traffic jams.” — S.E.Morison


“It is so nice to be on the train this morning,” she started. “It’s… it’s something I have always envisioned doing together. You know, taking an adventure and seeing new things. Isn’t this exciting?”

He nodded. She was right: it was exciting. Neither had done as much as stand in awe as mighty trains sparked and rolled through the train yard behind their house, but never had they considered stepping aboard one, at least not with paid fare. 

“Oh James, just look at us!” She turned her tiny frame to the window and peered out at the passing countryside. “We’re in a movie! Doesn’t it feel like we’re in a movie, James?”

He nodded again, this time shyly smiling. But he could not bring himself to enjoy the ride as much as his sister was. He thought of home, the farm, their deceased parents. He thought of the money handed to him for he and his sister; he thought about it all being taken away on account of a mixup in accounting. He clenched his father’s old book bag that sat tightly in his lap. It held their funds, their parent’s money, their meager savings intended for their two children. James watched other patrons in the train car, making sure they were not being given much attention. 

“Cindy, please. Can we just…just sit down and relax for a bit?”

“Why sure, James,” she said with a perplexed smile, turning her head back to him and plopping down in her seat. 

The train boomed through a tunnel, which casted a nubilous shadow upon the car. James tensed and grabbed the small envelop through the canvass bag, fearing something grave to be impending.