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Obtest: to supplicate earnestly; beseech; to protest [Tactile Tuesday]


1. to supplicate earnestly; beseech.  

2. To invoke as witness.  

3. To protest.


“I constrain, adjure, obtest and strongly command you…” -Sir Walter Scott Guy Mannering

…I pray, and do with those prayers most heartily obtest, which are in the ears of the hearers of them most effectual, that she may never taste such bitter miseries.” -Giovanni Boccaccio, Amorous Fiametta


     ”If it could be in my power,” he said softly, his wrinkled hands gripping either side of her armoire. He turned to face her, his eyes telling his pain. “Then I would ask you to never leave.”  

     She did not speak but watched softly out the window, exacerbating his pain with her inability for sympathy.  

     He studied her. With time’s escaping quest was the bitter replacement of his own accreting anger. He was growing furious. He went on.

     ”I must insist that you do not leave, I obtest it.” He approached.

     She saw him and turned her back.  

     This hurt him most of all. Her shoulders were like ice, this he could see. He wondered if she loved him, and worse, he wondered if she’d ever had.

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