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Words of Others: Jeff Goins

New Post has been published on Words of Others: Jeff Goins Today’s Words of Others features a brief encounter of mine with You Are A Writer (so start acting like one) by one of my latest writing coaches, Jeff Goins. So we’re clear, Jeff doesn’t know

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There is something brewing inside of me. Metaphorically, I mean. It is welling, up, and up, like a hot-air ballon. I can feel fire inside, churning and pushing, burning toward the sky. If it could speak it would be yelling: Well? When are you going

I promise to try!

A Piece Worth Reading

I wrote a brief personal assessment of 2012 two days ago. Very brief, in fact. As I re-read it I could see Don Miller all across the page. Yeah, yeah. I am aware that every mid-to-late twenty-something male interested in writing poetry and reading the classics,