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Restrictions, Boundaries, Deadlines: I love you, I hate you [Free-flow Friday]

December 5, 2012

Today, I finally got around to opening up an email from Carl. It held an article hailing all the way back from 2006 entitled, “13 ways of seeing nature,” by a girl named Jenny Price. 

This all coming after a message I received from a fiery, five-six frame of wit in Marketing (who also writes) with a name befitting her peculiar style: Ananda. In her message she wrote, “writers who don’t read aren’t real writers.”

Ah yes, old reality. How can a craftsman craft anything with only a hammer and a handful of screws? 

Back to the article. Jenny Price writes fantastically, and she knows herself to be a writer too. My hunch is that she knows herself a reader as well. Perhaps even more the latter. 

I am an unconventional writer, probably picking up diamonds every time I walk and getting to turn them in for cash. But I am certainly no miner. Again, I only have a tool belt and have gotten literarily lucky more times than I can count.

My downfall? I hate restriction, deadlines, and boundaries. But I need them, especially if I ever want to get anything done. I need a line, something I’m not allowed to cross until it’s been pinned down with nails and twine.

I love it, and I hate it, this conventionality. I am an impressionable writer, which means I’ll create another note right after this one with a grand plan to read more than I write for the next year. This ambition far precedes me, but I’m still going to do it. I really hope I do it.

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