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To Belong

I didn’t wake up feeling anything out of the ordinary. As I took my dog outside, I wasn’t thinking that today I would be considering what it would be like to return to my home town; when I made a cup of coffee I wasn’t

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What I Desire

[This is Edward James Olmos, not Alan Watts. If you’ve seen this movie, then you probably already know why I posted this picture] Last week I posted a voice-over of Alan Watts thinking out loud about what it might look like for someone to do

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Why do you never find anything written about that idiosyncratic thought you advert to, about your fascination with something no one else understands? Because it is up to you… You were made and set here to give voice to this, your own astonishment. Annie Dillard, The

I promise to try!

A Piece Worth Reading

I wrote a brief personal assessment of 2012 two days ago. Very brief, in fact. As I re-read it I could see Don Miller all across the page. Yeah, yeah. I am aware that every mid-to-late twenty-something male interested in writing poetry and reading the classics,